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Aakrisht Gupta

Although I had received a lot of emails about the business opportunity and 4Life Transfer Factor® products, I ignored them up until three years ago when I found out that 4Life was operating in India. I promptly visited the Mumbai office and was introduced to my upline, International Diamond Eleuterio Marcos Lobo. She explained everything about this wonderful global opportunity and 4Life’s mission of Together, Building People®, which has transformed my life completely.

Before I joined 4Life, I was associated with the Indian movie industry (“Bollywood”), but the hectic and erratic lifestyle was difficult for me and I needed a better way to support my health. Within a week of using 4Life products, I received the health support I needed and my belief in the products was firmly established. I started devoting my time to my 4life business and looked forward to sharing this opportunity with each person I met.

I understood the power of the 4Life opportunity and focused my goals on achieving financial freedom for myself and also for my downline. I embraced 4Life’s principle that in order to become successful, I first needed to help others become successful.

I’m very thankful to God and to 4Life Founders David and Bianca Lisonbee for sharing this wonderful business opportunity with all of us. I also want to thank my family, sponsors, and every distributor in my organization.